RISC OS Software

RISC OS software

Back before I got my Macs, even before I got my PC to run Linux, I used to program for RISC OS. Most of this stuff was written pre-1997, and I keep it up here mainly for nostalgia purposes, and because (much to my surprise), I still get the occasional email about this stuff. No idea if any of it works on anything beyond RISC OS 3.6, though.


I wrote several front ends for music players back in the day. !QTM was the ultimate result, and proved reasonably popular for something that originally only made its way onto a couple of bulletin boards. It supported plug-ins and playlists, and used a 'metal' theme way before Apple thought of the idea ;-) Yup, it was hideous even in those days.


This has kind of a history. I wrote a trash can utility called !Bin ages ago, complete with annoying sound effects. It had the rather unique feature that it didn't have to live on the icon bar, but could be dragged off and put on the pinboard. I thought this idea could be extended, and MultiUtils was the result. I even wrote a pinboard replacement utility to go with it, but you aren't required to use it to use the utilties. PinPatch was a rather horrible hack, but it seemed to work.


PinPatch is the utility behind MultiUtils. It's a horrible hack that's designed to allow you to stick program icons to the pinboard. Works with the pinboard in OS 3.6, and can be persuaded to work with (some) other pinboard utilities.

Hiper help

Ah, my one moment of fame was when this made it all the way to Acorn User. Woo! This is a hypertext help system vaguely based around the old windows help system and HTML. Files are compiled, and viewed in a special viewer: Hiper Help supported quite a range of features, including image maps.


A BASIC library for WIMP programming. Quite a large range of facilities, writing the original version of this taught me a lot about programming. This is version 2, a much larger library.


Mystery archive: various things that I wrote that may or may not be completely useless. Some of this stuff I tried (and failed) to submit to the *INFO column of Acorn User.


Sources to !ASM. The parser is based on one by Schildt. I know better now.


A tank battle game, lots of different weapons, deformable landscapes and weather effects. Also an annoying bonus level.


SpaceRoads. I never really finished this, but it's basically a game which involves racing a space pea along a 3D track and not falling off.