Zoom - ancient history

The archive

Zoom has changed a lot since I first wrote it as an experiment into code specialisation back in 2000. The first version was around 2000 lines long, and could just barely tell you about a white house before printing garbage and crashing. The latest version has 80,000 lines of code in C and Objective C, and can play at least a couple of moves of Zork before printing garbage and crashing.

For those of you without enough garbage and crashing in their lives, I present the older versions of Zoom. Software archaeologists will no doubt be fascinated by the rapid way the size of Zoom grew after its first public release, and probably also by the neolithic code carved into stone tablets. We used to bash 'em together to get grues, you know.

0.9.99beta5 was the last version to have any windows support. If you're interested in reviving this port, feel free to email me: the work is probably not that great to get things working again.

Source code

Packaged for OS X